Your Local Roofers In Newport, RI

Hello and welcome. We are Newport Siding and Roofing. We are located in Newport RI where our staff of roofers have been serving the needs of the community for many years. As local roofers in the area, we have been responsible for roofs over the heads of countless Newport RI residents and businesses. Many of them wouldn’t entrust their roofs with any other roofing company.

All the trust and goodwill we have generated over the years can be seen when you look at the proud and welcoming skyline of Newport RI on a bright, clear day.  Our roof contractors look at the roof as the crowning glory of any structure. As the head over the body, faulty roofing is like getting a bad haircut.

And that’s one of the big reasons why we care so much about keeping the roof over your head as sharp-looking as possible. However, the hair is just the cosmetic part of the equation. Every roof contractor in our roster would like to think that a healthy scalp is the foundation of great looking hair. And that’s what makes high-quality roofing materials that are well put together so important.

Our Company Philosophy

As the crowning glory of your home or property in Newport RI,  the roof is responsible for a lot of things. It must work as a reliable shield for the entire structure. It does a kind of teamwork with the gutters and the rest of the drainage system to ensure that rainwater is filtered down efficiently.

Your roof should be breathable, too. With proper ventilation, unnecessary condensation can be avoided over time. This will ensure that your ceiling doesn’t sustain any leaks. As you can see, all the parts are in this together, and that includes the gutter guards that prevent unnecessary congestion in the system.

Our Professional Local Roofers Services In Newport RI

By looking at every home or business property systematically, from the rooftop and all the way down, we at Newport Siding and Roofing are able to offer unparalleled value with all the professional roofing services that we provide anywhere in Newport RI and adjacent areas.

Residential Roofing Services In Newport RI

From our experience in Newport RI, there are way less new home constructions than aged homes with deteriorating roofs. As a result, our local roofers main preoccupation in Newport RI and beyond, has been replacing damaged or dated roofs.

By far, the most common roof repairs are asphalt shingle replacements, followed closely by elastomeric membranes on flat tops. There are many other kinds of roofs in the vicinity of Newport RI and we have experience in all of them: wood shake, composite, metal, foam, single ply, natural slate or traditional tile roofing.

Aside from single homes and townhouses, we also handle rooftop terraces, condo, and apartment building roofing in Newport RI.  You name it, we can do it.

Commercial Roofing Services In Newport RI

We would be more than happy to install the roof over your business from scratch. On average, we can accomplish the task within three to five days through our roofing contractors who are audited, certified, bonded, and insured. To us at Newport Siding and Roofing, no roof job is too small or too big.

Roof Repair In Newport RI

Whether it’s a touch-up or  an extensive roof repair, we can handle it for you anywhere in Newport RI and adjacent locations. Our roofing contractors start by conducting a thorough roof inspection so we are able to provide you with a detailed report on your roof’s actual status. We can then provide you with our expertise in resolving any complex or sectional issues.

Unless your roof has been recently installed and the problematic area has been identified, a rooftop that shows signs of aging needs replacing. In other words, we try to save what we can. But sometimes, in the interest of safety, everything must come down.

Siding Installation In Newport RI

Yes, we do siding installation as well. What more, we are able to replace any missing or torn sidings. In any case, we can make your siding look like new, that is, anywhere in Newport RI or anywhere close by. We are the roof company that knows sidings like the back of our hands.

Gutter Repair And Installation In Newport RI

Our gutter repair service is the best in the industry. We install gutter guards that are the envy of the competition anywhere in Newport RI. A clog-proof gutter protection system will ensure that you won’t have to clean the gutters yourself; they are self-cleaning. Furthermore, the system will guarantee the health of your roof. It can also support ceiling maintenance by preventing any leaks.

Trim Services In Newport RI

Sometimes, even your roofing needs a haircut. Do you need a vertical roof trim along the perimeter of your property, say below the roof level, to cover the rafter tails at the eaves or to seal off the top of the siding along the rake? Or maybe a gable trim, also known as rake trim, is needed for the edges of the roof line where the roof panel meets the endwall panels. Whatever it is, the roofer or  roof contractor from our end will work with you anywhere in Newport RI to make the cut.

Why Do Newport RI Homeowners Love Our Local Roofers?

Let us count the ways.  We know that with great service comes customer satisfaction, so we make sure that we cover all the bases. We let you know:

  • How long the job will take
  • Who will do the job: our employee or  roofing contractor?
  • Who will be supervising the work site
  • How the grounds around the work site will be protected
  • What kind of materials we will use
  • We take care of debris disposal
  • We guarantee the work done
  • We offer a “turnkey” service
  • We clean your gutters after we finish the job we came for

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The short and sweet of it all is, that our attention to detail has made us at Newport Siding and Roofing the best roofing company in Newport RI and the surrounding areas. So contact us today at 401-235-4480 for a free, no-obligation quotation. You’ll be happy you did!