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Anywhere in the Newport RI area, Newport Siding and Roofing specializes in roof repair so you won’t have to. DIY projects are fine, but not in the case of roofing repair. This will become more evident as we explain  the process of getting your roof repaired, rehabilitated, and maintained.

Throughout spring, summer, and early fall in Newport RI and underlying areas, our roof repair services are in full swing. However, requesting roof repair service in winter isn’t unheard of, especially in cases of emergency.

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The Common Roof Issues Requiring Roof Repair In Newport RI

Of all the major roof repairs, installing new roofing is the most crucial. When an old roof fails, water can destroy the inside of your home, from the attic insulation, down to the kitchen, the basement, and of course, the very foundation. Fewer home problems can be more disastrous.

Roof replacement is not something to take lightly, nor is it a repair that should be delayed. When you sense that your roof is nearing the end of its useful life, it’s time to call in the roofing contractors in Newport RI.

When you discover a fresh water stain on your ceiling or you hear a loud bang on your roof, your first instinct may be to grab the bucket. After all, you may not have the budget for a roof install, but it is important to address whatever issues arise as soon as possible.

A leak or a fallen tree branch doesn’t always mean serious damage. The fix can be as simple as installing a few new shingles or replacing the flashing. The average roof repair is about a thousand dollars, which is much more affordable than the $8,000 average cost for a spanking new roof. Shingles come in bundles. Three or four bundles of shingles would be enough for a square of roofing space.

Working on a roof is very dangerous and must be handled with extreme caution. That’s why it’s always worth it to hire a contractor by contacting us at Newport Siding and Roofing for service anywhere in Newport RI and underlying areas.

Flashing is the material that protects the crease between fixtures like a chimney or skylight on the roof. It could be made of sheet metal or plastic. There is also flashing for the venting pipes under your roofing material. If the flashing is cracked, loose or worn, the area around these fixtures can be susceptible to damage.

A sealant is used with flashing around the edges of skylights. If it’s cracked and aged, it’s absolutely useless. Replacing it is the only option.

Weather, falling branches and animals can create significant holes and punctures on the rooftop. These repairs are best handled by professional roofers like us in the Newport RI locale.  They may require reframing the roof partially.

The vent boot seals the area around your vents against moisture, much like the flashing seals on other parts of your roof. So a damaged vent boot can hurt your roof for sure.

It is common to discover a few damaged or missing shingles due to a number of external factors such as strong winds, normal wear and tear,  animal activity (raccoons, squirrels, birds, etc.), hail, snow, ice dams or water accumulation anywhere in Newport RI.

Vertical slits between roofing tiles are one of the weakest links in your roofing. As water runs through these slits, corrosion becomes inevitable.

Minor leaks can usually be fixed without overhauling your entire roof. However, installing a new roof does increase your property’s resale value. As a rule of thumb, you should call Newport Siding and Roofing for inspection anywhere in Newport RI if your roof is older than 25 years old.

Our Newport RI Roof Repair Solutions

Roof Replacement Therapy: Newport Siding and Roofing will remove all existing shingles, and deposit them in our dumpster truck along with damaged or old valley flashing, and drip edging. We use tarps to protect foundation plantings during the tear-down stage as well as magnetic tools to pick up nails and other metallic objects near the project site.

We will make  minor repairs on the roof if it is in good condition: Otherwise, we will replace the defective wood with new plywood sheathing or whatever is most appropriate for your roof type.

We will install ice dams in regions that require them. The ice guard membrane is a synthetic waterproof barrier material meant to prevent melting ice from backing up under the shingles and penetrating the sheathing, where moisture is the roof’s Public Enemy #1. And that’s true in Newport RI and anywhere else in North America.

Next, we will lay down asphalt roofing paper over the roof sheathing. The layer of roofing paper creates an inner barrier against water penetrating your property in Newport RI.

It’s absolutely important to apply metal drip edging around the the roof edges, both at the eave and gable sides. If necessary, Newport Siding and Roofing contractors will apply a new valley flashing along with areas where two roof planes meet. We will also apply tab shingles, starting at the eaves and working upwards on your roof.  We highly recommend installing roof vents at this point.

We will likewise apply flashing around all areas where leaks might come into the house such as the chimney, around skylights and stack vents, etc.

The next step is  the ridge vent. A continuous vent along the peak of the roof will help the air circulation in the attic space and prevent  winter ice dams. Ridge vents may not be included on older roofs, but installing them is an excellent idea for any property undergoing reroofing in the greater Newport RI area. If ridge vents are not practical, we can turn to other types of roof or gable vents.

Finally, we can complete the final cleanup and have the installation inspected and approved by a building inspector. And that’s roofing installation 101 in Newport RI.

Damaged Flashing Solution: We will remove and replace the flashing. Some surrounding materials, such as shingles, will need to be lifted away temporarily.

Worn Sealant Solution: We re-caulk or apply new tar. We may need to remove surrounding materials temporarily, to effectively apply the sealant.

Punctures Solution: After we have done the necessary reframing, we will install a layer of sheathing, then felt paper followed by shingles. You may be tempted to cover the hole with a temporary material, but trust us, such Band-Aid solution will only allow moisture to seep through and create more problems.

Damaged Vent Boot Solution: Our mission is to remove and replace the vent boot. This will involve lifting away surrounding materials such as nails and caulking.

Damaged or Missing Shingles Solution: We will remove the old shingles and replace them with new ones. In the case of ice dams and pooling water, once we have replaced your shingles, you’ll want to be proactive to prevent future damage. Installing aluminum gutter guards are especially recommended in Newport RI and anywhere in the United States.

Corroded Vertical Slits Solution: We can replace the corroded shingles as soon as possible to prevent further contamination.

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With our decades of experience in Newport RI, you can trust us to do the job. The Newport Siding and Roofing people are fully certified, bonded, and insured. Anywhere in Newport RI and adjacent areas, our team has been fielding only the best roofers for decades. You can trust us with any rehabilitation, roof repair or maintenance project.

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