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For trim services that are second to none, nobody beats Dependable Roofing And Trim Services In Newport RI. Many of our competitors have tried and failed, all because experience is the best teacher. Pssst. Nobody knows the people of Newport RI like we do. After all, we have been taking care of all their roofings needs for decades.

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Dependable Roofing And Trim Services In Newport RI

What are the qualities of a good roofer? Let us help you count the ways. Well first of all, roofing projects, such as roof replacement and residential roof construction, are one of the few home improvement projects you should always entrust to a professional.

Trying to do what only a trusted roofing company can do is a dicey proposition, and one that can put your life in trouble. Do you know? Many property owners have fallen off the roof, trying to do Do-It-Yourselfers such as installing a metal roof, replacing asphalt shingles or scrubbing moss from flaky concrete tiles. You just never know what can happen or just how slippery it can get when you’re up there. So never take chances. It’s not worth it!

Rather, what you should be doing, is choosing the perfect roofing contractors for the job. Here are the most important things to look for.

What To Look For In Newport RI Roofing And Trim Services?

Licensed And Insured

When you’re looking for a residential roofing contractor to work with, the first thing to look for is if they have valid license and insurance. Working with a roofer that lacks these things? You might be liable for injuries that the roofing crew may sustain while working on your property.

Ask For Certifications, Baby!

Similarly, it’s also a good idea to look at your prospective roofer’s certifications. Certified roofers often carry higher quality roofing materials along with more robust roofing warranties. Plus, they guarantee total satisfaction with their services.

Local Roofers, Real Experience

Finally, it’s also important to work with a local roofing company because they have a proven reputation in your community. Local roofing companies also have in-depth knowledge of what exactly the average roof in Newport RI experiences throughout the year. And that makes local roofing contractors more equipped to handle your unique roofing needs.

Dependable Roofing And Trim Services is a licensed and insured roofing company ready to help you with your roofing projects. Give us a call to learn more about us and our services. We serve homeowners, business owners, and property managers throughout Newport RI.

Our Professional Newport RI Trim Services

Fascia, soffits, eaves, and rakeboards are the pieces of the roofing puzzle known as trim services.

Trim Services 101 In Newport RI


Vertical roof trim located along the perimeter of a building, usually below the roof level; also called gutter boards.

The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is fixed directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and usually does all the work of supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles.

The Soffit Cheat Sheet


The visible underside of eaves, the roof overhang.

What Makes Soffit And Fascia Special In The Roofing Scheme Of Things

Now that you know that you’ve met  Soffit and Fascia, you need to know why they’re important. You might be thinking, how can these two  be so crucial to your home or business?

The fact is, it’s great to have a well-maintained soffit and fascia duo when you are intent on keeping a good looking and energy efficient home or office.

Soffit is important because it has venting that keeps a steady airflow between your roof and attic. You’re probably thinking, why do I want outside air in my home?

Your attic needs to be well ventilated or else moisture can build up causing mold to form. The last thing you want in your home is mold.

Aside from keeping moisture out, soffit helps release heat from your attic during the hot summer months.

Soffit also helps keep insects out of your home.  It’s important to make sure your soffit has no cracks or holes in it and if it does, you need to call us to repair or replace it right away.

Your fascia is  the last line of defense for the bottom row of roof tiles or shingles. Plus, it’s what your gutters are installed on. Gutters are extremely important and your fascia needs to be able to hold them up when it rains and it pours.

Fascia is also important because it’s visible to everyone. It’s the face of your property. And that’s why it’s called yes, fascia. If you want to maximize your home’s curb appeal, your fascia needs to look great as well.

What Makes Vinyl Soffit And Fascia Better Than The Rest

You know what soffit and fascia are and why they’re important, so now you need to know what type to get in order to maximize all the benefits.

Soffit and fascia are usually made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. Wood soffit or fascia is susceptible to warping when exposed to moisture.

On the other hand, aluminum soffit and fascia can bring extra heat into your roof and attic, thus decreasing your property’s cooling efficiency.

So vinyl soffit and fascia are by far, the best of the best.  Vinyl is resistant to cracking and warping. All you’ll need to do is clean it every once in a while.

Your soffit can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Alternatively, ventilation can be provided over the top of the fascia boards as well. Aren’t you glad that you’re free to choose?

Dependable Roofing And Trim Servicesi In Newport Rhode Island

After finding out what soffit and fascia are,  and getting to know their critical mission in the roofing business, you might notice that yours needs replacing. In such a case, Dependable Roofing And Trim Services  has you covered virtually anywhere in Newport RI and nearby.

We’ve proudly served Newport RI for decades and have earned the trust of the community as far as roofing is concerned.

Get your free, no-obligation quote today for your soffit and fascia replacement project. You’ll be glad you did. And oh, we do window replacement, too!

Yes, Dependable Roofing And Trim Services also does window replacement in Newport RI. Our window casing can come fully assembled and makes a perfect replacement for a regular window or skylight.

The first time you lay  eyes on  preassembled casing and trim, you will be intrigued. When you see with your own eyes just how easy the products are to install and how good they looked, you will be sold. That’s how great it is!

Our window replacement is a perfect match for your fascia and soffit replacement project. So why not hit two birds with one stone by giving us a call today? At Newport Siding and Roofing we provide the best roofers in Newport RI and surrounding areas. Our track record speaks for itself!

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